Will the liberal SJW culture oppress my young (white) son?

As of 8 months ago, I am a father, of a boy. JBP has made me very cognizant of what I’ve come to agree is a very confused and at times hostile cultural attitude towards men, particularly white men (as my I am, and am my son one day will be ). I’ve become alarmed in the last 6 months of the trajectory things are headed. For instance, a conversation I had with someone earlier this month t. Their quote that shocked me to my core was when someone told me “well white men have oppressed everyone for so long, now it’s their turn”. And then I read things like Sweden’s new law where the government now dictates the terms of consent of sex… And realizing there’s a very real (even probable) chance that such a law will be enacted where I live (San Francisco, California).

I am frightened about the culture my boy is coming into, and steeling myself to be the best father I can in a culture which appears vitriolic and hateful towards masculinity, and on a trajectory to become much worse.

Do other fathers or anyone else share my concerns and worries? I would appreciate any insight you can thoughts, or just plain camaraderie.

What you say is certainly widespread, and certainly concerning.

My discussions with other Gen Y and Gen Z (millennials), as well as extrapolating Google’s goals, and extrapolating the goals of the UN 2030 agenda for the world’s governments, makes it seem to me that Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is their plan for the future.

If I had power over my own children’s educations, I would not put them into the school system. I am also highly doubtful that there will be any jobs for the non-Elon Muskian human in 50 years - so the purpose of Universities (degrees) and TAFE (diplomas, apprenticeships) serve little use, and will hopefully be cancelled.

I think the core of the issue is always there throughout each generation - how to avoid indoctrination from society? While at the same time, how to find the balance of good and bad from the society. Ideally, this should be the right of sovereignty for the individual, and the family.

The increasing political polarisation that the internet has allowed, seems to segregate disagreements into radicalisation, rather than resolving them. And at least in societies where females can vote and work independently (without their concerns proxied and weighed upon their husbands), partnered with the male sympathy to the female, it seems a gender split here will also be exacerbated.

Whether or not, every group segregating themselves into their own societies is a good or bad idea, we will only have to find out.

That all said. There is never a time, besides a perhaps delusional perspective, where things were great for bringing new children into being. The urge for sex is strong, to make sure humans bring children in. And the next generation is better catered towards the modern world, than we are with out legacy romantic ideas. Perhaps Brave New World is a better world - to the new generations it seems so.

Live the way you want, in your community - and make it strong from within. If society (a large collective of communities) or any other community wishes to tyrannise yours, then that is a battle worth fighting. No reason not to join the battle.

Perhaps as Brave New World also suggested, their will be the natives in the old world, and the new human in the brave new world. Being a native in the old world is fine and dandy to me. And making your existence more desirable/meaningful than the alternatives, is a good way to be.

Today’s SJW are indeed insane, but the tide is turning. My 12yo is incredibly conservative (moreso than her 15yo sister.) GenZ (iGen) is slated to be the most conservative generation since WWII. So even if some weird laws exits, there’s a good chance they wont be enforced by the time your son is older.

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Congrats on your son!

I don’t have to tell you what is happening in our society to be concerned about.

But look on the bright side, what a great opportunity to shape a young man. You are obviously aware of the issues, so you are ahead of the game.

The good news is that, despite what the misguided would have us to believe, human nature is hardwired. My personal experience is - now get this - women really do want men to be men. Teach your son what a glorious responsibility masculinity is and he will be ahead of his peers.

Encourage him to be strong and bold. Teach him how to show respect. Demonstrate what is to be worthy of respect.

Encourage him to get of the house and play. When he is old enough, encourage him to build his body, especially through weightlifting. Encourage him to train in martial arts.

Oh, if you must live on a coast you may want to consider the Gulf coast, lol.

Thank you for the insight. Being the best father possible is probably the best antidote. And while I feel pessimistic right now about the world he’s entering, it’s always been a tough place…and his life will probably be better than if we were born in 1250 (or almost any other year in history) rather than 2017.