What would you like to do if Money was no object?

Good ol Alan Watts

I think there is some truth and lie to it. Money from my experience has been a balancing act, between a destination and your current means. And to earn more means, one must balance effectiveness and efficiency, which can be quite boring and tedious. However, I find the truth in it to be about the journey — make the experience of your journey more important than the money.

Funny you should bring that up because that clip is taken from a series Alan did about meditation called Still the Mind. And I’ve been listening to that, that’s where the question came to me to begin with. I highly recommend listening to it, it should be available as audio book.

I agree with you, it’s not like we can drop all our commitments in life on the fly. But I get his point, you should strive for pushing yourself into the unknown territory, that’s where your dreams also are, it’s uncharted water.
One of my favorite ones from Alan is this one.

I would pusue my art even further. I’m pursing my artistic endeavours now, outside of my day job and family, but I really hope to some day focus on it without the worry of paying the bills. I would also like to travel and visit places I’ve never been.


I really like the image you set to this topic. It’s an archetypal image and deals with the idea of pursuing that which shines forth and that which is greater than the self. It’s similar to what I discovered during the time I was developing my identity.


I also like the OP image. It is a giant, beckoning vagina in the sky- truly the origin of man’s exploratory desires.


I would immerse myself in creative arts. Work on becoming a dj, paint, crafting wood and sewing. I’d get my drivers license, a home gym and travel to amazing places. I’d also help and treat my mother, friends and people in need. Finally, I’d get my sick father the best treatment and living facilities for his condition. I’m not for doling things out to anybody for no reason but sharing and giving in a healthy way is a beautiful thing.

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Your poor father; being the ‘final’ recipient of your largesse must feel belittling. :slight_smile:

As someone with my own debilitating health problems, I identify a great deal with Nietzsche and your father.

The manner in which we perceive money is as a source of energy to accomplish our goals. Removing money as an object removes barriers to accomplishment and frees our desires for expression. Your desires which can be accomplished without regards to money are always-already awaiting your attention. DJ for your cats or dogs, paint for the canvas it sits upon, scrimshaw your firewood, forget sewing entirely and save yourself from carpal tunnel syndrome, drive your mind down the boulevard of broken dreams, and do living room sit-ups while you lament the costs of healthcare. I suggest you use this community as a captive audience for your artistic expressions. We shall glory in your blossoming.

Ben, I’m earning badges for using emojis. This makes me feel dirty in ways I cannot describe. Is there any way we can disable this feature? I do not wish to house trophies for expressing emotional nuance.

My take away from this is that you won’t help me commit suicidal experiments with electricity. A pity, the two of us could have united our super powers into a giant robot named Benjamin Franklin Kevorkian. I will leave it to posterity to determine the genius of this remarkable construct.

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Thanks Tyler,
There was no order to what I would do. I used “finally” to wrap up my text. Either way, my father has zero lucid moments so he won’t mind. Ignorance is bliss.
Reality is, money is a barrier but I already DJ for my friends, help and share even though I can’t pay next months rent or groceries for that matter, and I workout everyday. As for sewing… I’m hedonistic so I will keep enjoying it despite the risks. Removing money as a barrier will help me enjoy my hobbies fully, something that is hard to do when you’re on your way to getting evicted. However, I will take your advice and share my blossoming because… it’ll happen and sharing is caring :nerd_face:

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Tyler reading your post, I felt I have to respond.

To be honest that whole post read very belittling and patronizing. Aasa didn’t mean that the last thing she would consider doing was to help her father, that’s misinterpreted by your part.

Her aspirations sound very healthy to me and I would encourage her to follow her heart and see where it leads her. I can’t define someone’s dreams and ideas for them. We should encourage and inspire each other.

Because that which you do not hate, you will eventually tolerate. And that’s just the path we all should avoid.

The most real and difficult thing you will meet in your life is yourself.

Take care

Thanks Michael! Your work looks great, I like it.

As someone who has lived homeless without money for 6 months. It’s completely doable if you want, but don’t lose sight on productivity.


Put away your lance, fair Kafka, I intended no such patronicity other than that which I hold for all humankind. It seems Aasa (you say female pronouns, but I say Zir) received the message as intended, so we may all step away from this with greater feelings of unity if you but repent your jealous guarding of another’s feelings. I, indeed, encouraged their sharing. It is difficult to know a man by his emojis alone, so here, have another, good sir, and take care yourself. This place is neither safe, nor wicked, but beyond Good and Evil. :wink:

I shall think of you as a guardian of the weak now. It is an honest role in our world, but take care to whom you ascribe weakness. :slight_smile: :smile: I hope that we share good feelings and good ideas.

That’s fine with me, I was just being honest about how you came off as, in your post to me.

No hard feelings!
Take care

I included the emoji to indicate my obvious misinterpretation, but it seems you gathered the gist overall. Time makes order of all things (intended or not), but in the great eternal round the first shall be last and the last shall be first. The Now is the point where all that is past and all that will ever be are kissing- time’s eternal lovers, where the present is the only gift we have.

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Also, this may be the first time I have ever seen sewing described as hedonistic. You have me in curious stitches.

I would spend some ~5 years in mastering martial arts, such as shotokan-karate, judo, kendo, aikido. I believe japanese martial arts are a great vehicle for body- and soul-improvement.