Upcoming Projects and Shelving of Old

In the coming weeks Bevry will undergoe some significant changes. This post will document them, as well as a brief history.

We have been without funding since 2014, the same year the company shutdown and became a community once again. It began as a community in 2010, and moved to a consultancy company in 2011.

In those early years we created over 100 npm packages, notably around DocPad, our static site generator.

Since then, we have created a great set of tooling and devops infrastructure for maintaining that many packages, such as Projectz for automatic meta file upgrades; Boundation for automatic project scaffolding and updates; awesome-travis for continuous integration testing of multiple node versions and deployment of branches, tags, and commits; and Editions, a tool and standard for always publishing and consuming the best edition for the consumers environment.

However, our goal has always been to see everybody in the world do what they love, share it with the entire world, and live well.

As such, our developer tooling has been shortsighted regarding this goal, as developers are only a small fraction of everyone.

We will be reorganising Bevry to move away from developer tooling creation, to a new focus on projects that bring our goal to everyone, not just developers.

New project announcements will come once we have put a nice bow on our existing projects.

For now, you can join the waitlist at this teaser page:


If you would like to be a part of this new journey, reach out. If you would like to fund it, also reach out. If you would like to say thanks for the work we’ve accomplished, reach out or refer to https://bevry.me/donate

Q & A

Will existing projects still be maintained?

Work will continue to go into DocPad to shelve it in a high quality bug free state. Its focus will be resigned to an unbelievably refined hobby project that powers my personal website — considering myself as the only source of investment for it since 2014, this only seems fitting and rightly just.

Chainy, Startup Hostel, Interconnect, WebWrite will be archived with only shut down polish updates.

The remaining of our limited automated trading tooling will be open-sourced.

The packages on the Bevry GitHub organisation will continue to be maintained in their high quality states, as well as tooling around them.

Overall, focus will move away from improvements for improvements sake, and more to meaningful product goals.

What will happen to your existing DocPad sites?

They will be moved to gitbook. With the exception of the Bevry website and my personal website, which will continue to be the prime use case for them, until experiments at replacements prove fruitful (so far those experiments have continuously yielded DocPad victorious, however I have my hopes up for Marko, Stencil, and Next.js on Now.sh v2).


A refined focus on more sustainable yet grander ambitions, than working without payment for a small market of developers.