Tylor Lovings, Alastair Roberts - Why Tell the Truth: An Introduction to the Basic Ideas of Jordan B. Peterson

I’ve been following Peterson for almost three years now. Unfortunately for me, I’m on the left side of the liberal scale, which means that most of my friends are progressives, and I’ve taken a lot of flak for discussing his ideas. Consequently, I have written a book to introduce his basic intellectual framework to the average person. This book is the thing I’ll point to now when my friends say he’s incoherent or just a self-help guru.

My aim with this book was to give the basic tenets of Peterson’s intellectual framework, enabling someone to just drop in on any of his lectures, interviews, etc., and to understand basically where he is coming from. I follow his ideas beginning with his pragmatic notion of truth, on to his conception of ideas and beliefs being embodied before they’re abstracted into articulated speech, then on to his functional definitions of the concept of God, then to order/chaos, and, finally, into how his political positions flow from the overall conceptual scheme outlined before.

This book is for someone wanting to understand how Peterson’s ideas fit together into a basic, coherent framework. It’s based on an essay I wrote, shared by Peterson himself, that introduces his thought in a briefer form. So you can bet that I offer a faithful translation of his work. I hope you might give it a look and share it with others who might benefit.

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I’m puzzled why one of the two reviews with 1/5 stars says it’s leftist propaganda. If you’re left of liberal, that’s no big deal for people who treat each with common decency.
The excerpt of the forward printed on the back gives an encouraging and progressive, responsible impression. That is, progressive being the sort of person who seeks to understand Peterson and that which one doesn’t understand, thus a reader seeking material in your book would pick up the book.
I hope there is no bait-and-switch; would it benefit your buyers to include a few pages from the beginning of one or two of the chapters in the product images??