The Holy Science - Book Recommendation/Inquiry for those Seeking a United Understanding of Religion

If anyone is interested in seeing some of the connections between the Bible and the Upanishads, I highly recommend a book titled “The Holy Science.” The Holy Science - Wikipedia

I got to read about a third of it before I lost access to the book.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a book which covers religious texts in a new light?

For example, I recently read this piece which is similar to an article I wrote that examines how Jesus was likely vegan or vegetarian: Evidence That Jesus and The Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians, By James Bean (Exploring the World Religions Column, Copyright January, 2018)

I am driven to find more information like this that uncovers the ancient teachings for what they were. Knowing that there’s so many documents, I’m hoping to learn what others in this community have found transformational in their own world-view.

@JohnBuck @theplebistocrat any suggestions?

The only recommendation I have would be Jordan B Peterson - Maps of Meaning

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@krishna Though not directly analyzing passages from religious texts, there’s a lot to Neumann’s ‘History and Origins of Consciousness’ that is highly useful in understanding the commonalities behind religious understandings of things.

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Thanks, I’m still awaiting the arrival of [Waking Up In Time] which should get here by April 9th at the latest! I will get this book too. Excited to read these over the upcoming weeks.

Very neat, thank you for this recommendation. I’ve got a good list to continue with :slight_smile: