The Anthem of the Heart (2015)

Discussion thread for the movie The Anthem of the Heart (2015)

I spent nearly this entire movie crying. It is riveting. It is a movie that challenges “Speak the Truth”, as sometimes the truth hurts people - so maybe it is better to not say anything at all… This movie explores that.

I’ve written about it over at:

Anthem of the Heart covers this in great detail, those who wish for truth and light, must be willing to hurt and be hurt by others in truths pursuit.

As well as this snippet from a journal entry:

The interaction between Naruse and Sakagami, where Sakagami wishes to be hurt by truth - that is something I had not crystallised yet. I knew that for relationships to be successful, for good intimacy and sex, vulnerability is necessary. But what is vulnerability and trust, except for a state of acceptance to be hurt by them when in earnest, and a guarantee to grow from that pain, into the lighter illumination of true reality, not constrained by the darkening load of delusions.