• foreign income is only taxed if it has been transferred to the country in the same calendar year. If you transfer the money in the same year, income tax rates of up to 35% are applied.
  • stay at least 180 days
  • Thailand only grants an official residence permit to 20 people per year for each country. In the case of countries with many inhabitants interested in living in Thailand, such as Germany, you may wait forever if you want to obtain your residence permit through this process.
  • the “Thailand Elite” programme is basically the purchase of a residence permit. Permanent visa with a temporary limit. The programme (Elite Easy Access) costs 500,000 baht, this is around €13,000 and entitles you to a five-year stay00:12Very interesting, residency permit for €13k in Thailand !



  • Free visa-free “visa exemption”
  • 30 days on arrival via airport
  • or 15 days via land (twice a year)
  • Multiple Entry Tourist Visa prior is valid 6 months with 60 days each visit


Which Bike?


Chiang Mai

  • Mango Bikes - Honda Click 125i 2800-3200THB

  • Cat Motors - Honda Click 125i 2500-3000THB, with LED 3000-3500THB

  • Generic - Honda Click 125i 2500-2800THB



Honda Click 125 is 106kg, 124.8cc, 5.5 litre, 135mm gc