SSL cert on broken and throwing a 526 error

Hi guys,
Just wanted to let you know that link to installing node and other dependencies on your ‘Install’ tab of your site is broken. Can you fix this so I know can proceed with building my site?

Thanks, will fix today if I have time. Already begun on it.

Worked on the fix on that day, it involved getting boundation’s latest updates running for static sites again, then running boundation on the project to upgrade it to the new static site infrastructure (it is using the old hence the error), however seems there is a bug in the safeps git clone feature that causes it to hang, causing the tests to fail. That will need to be fixed.

In the meantime, I’ve moved the website to gitbook instead. The new page URL for the install guide is at:

I am looking into URL redirect options so the previous URLs will work.

All up, the followup tasks are:

  1. fix safeps git clone feature to the learn website tests function without hanging
    1. release new website
    2. swap cloudflare back to it
  2. figure out a redirect option for the old urls on the gitbook website
    1. keep the gitbook site, and archive the old manual one

Follow up tasks no longer necessary considering the deprecation of DocPad in 2019 and the movement to Gitbook for our documentation hosting.