Some projects I've done

I have a handful of meaningful projects that might be relevant to this community.

  • big 5/30 personality survey
  • complete offline archive of Dr Peterson’s YouTube channel
  • Jordan Peterson search engine (covering more and with more features than than the daemonlife search which has gone down now)
  • personal interviews with protestors and recordings of significant discussions at various of Dr Peterson’s events
  • some facebook groups

Some catastrophic personal loss has me very shortly deciding on leaving all the communities but I’d really like to put the work into others’ hands, if possible.

Pretty much my goal for December, January, and February. We should chat. Benjamin Lupton |

What is your plan for delegation of the other projects?

I’m sending a copy of my archive to a friend in Europe, that was my original goal.

There are a couple expansions to the Big 5 test I’d like to consider if others were involved, and I have interest from at least one or two people to deploy my project … somehow… in some “platform” or unrelated community these others have.

The Jordan Peterson search engine project requires coding expertise, not sure about collaborating, but would likely be the same people as Big 5 thing.

The personal interviews are part of a project I’d like to finish someday soon. Probably publishing in association with Holding Space Media and targeting Quillette, maybe Medium.

Facebook groups I would just leave to others who are in them.

Also part of the reason I want to exit is burnout from text input from various systems. This Discourse system is fantastic, I have no problem with it, I’ve been familiar with it from a few years ago in CG Cookie. But even now felt some tiny bit of tension from here, just typing these messages in response.

Notifications with the numbered badge, is a form of low-level game-ifying, and especially notifications to my mobile device.

I need to see people face-to-face or in video call, and audio is so vital too. Actually first week I joined this community, I joined in one of the hangout calls, was so so great.