So, I have a few Q's about this forum

Hi, My name is Simon Gregory, from Christchurch, New Zealand. This my first post, I’ve just signed up.

Initially I am wondering if this forum exists with the knowledge of, or under the auspices of JBP, or is a separate entity entirely. I think that would be good to disclose in the intro paragraph. It looks quite official at first glance, but I’m thinking now it’s a separate entity. It doesn’t matter too much to me either way, I’m just curious.

I do have a specific thing I’ve been looking for, but that is probably for a topic of it’s own, or maybe after a bit of searching I’ll find a thread already here covering it.



It is fan-led. A few members have tried to get it to the attention of Peterson, but he is a very difficult man to get ahold of.

I think getting Peterson’s attention would be a great thing to do, as the forum can support patreon integration, and many of us are working on projects that can assist Peterson’s efforts (lecture notes, translations, patreon alternatives, searchable transcripts) as well as our study group and reading group is a great place to hone people’s knowledge of Peterson.