Smart Notebooks

Was looking into getting a Stylus for my iPhone today, but the Adonit Dash, Pro, and Mini were all terrible. So I’ve discovered a whole bunch of alternatives that are blowing my mind.

Reusable Paper with Post-Digitisation

Around $50USD for these options.

Rocketbook Everlast

Paper with Realtime-Digitisation

Around $150-200USD for these options.

Moleskine Smart Writing System


E-Ink Readers & Sketchpads

Around $400+USD for these options.


Sony DPT-CP1

Ebook Reader and Sketchpad. No pressure sensitivity. Have to press hard. Stylus has highlight and erase buttons. Software is PDF exclusive.

Drawing Tablets

External Display

Around $75USD for these options.

Internal Display

Around $200+USD for these options.

I’ve gone ahead and ordered a Rocketbook Everlast set. However, I couldn’t get one of the nice cover/cases for it, as it doesn’t ship to Australia. I also would have gotten the ViewSonic WoodPad however that too doesn’t ship to Australia.