Sarina Singh's events (Stifling of Free Speech & C-16: One Year Later)

Ms Singh organized The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses and C-16: One Year Later. These are both excellent.

Just wanting to drop a line here in the community, in case people had not been aware the second event existed. It was uploaded eventually, although somehow it missed my attention.

C-16: One Year Later:

The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campus:

Interesting. I’ve seen the original talks from a year ago. What is new for the revisal?

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The “C-16 One Year Later” is the new event, took place in July 2018.
Stifling of Free Speech was November 2017.

The C-16 had better flow, more organized and objective content from each of the presenters, and I think had a better effect for the audience. :slight_smile:

Also, Dr Peterson was very much personally wanting to attend C-16 One Year Later. A VIP seat was reserved for him, but he was unable to be there in person due to landing in the city, returned from Europe only a couple hours prior to the event.