Responses to 12 Rules for Life

Hey all! I’ve been reading Jordan Peterson’s ‘12 Rules for Life’ over the past couple days with the intent of writing a 1000-word response minimum to each of his rules. So far I’ve gotten through the first three. I’ll post the link to the latest below. I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts are on self-help books in general, Peterson’s suggestions in this book, and on my responses to his efforts.

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Hey @Aberdunk cool I’m going to take a moment and read your articles (a tip: link between them, took me a moment to find Dose 1).

I’m doing something similar, check it out :slight_smile: Would be interested to hear what you think. I’ll come back with some feedback.

Hi @nmaro
Thanks for taking a look, and for the advice about the links!
I’ll gladly take a look at your stuff too. I’ve got a bit of coursework to do over the next two days, but will get back to you on them over the weekend when I have time to breathe again!

This is great! Once you have done all the rules we should feature your content on the community’s youtube channel and have you talk about it if you want!

Thanks, Benjamin! Yeah, that sounds like something I’d be down for. In the mean time, I’ll post updates as I finish each piece.
Once I’ve completed the series, who should I get in touch with regarding talking about it? Would that be you?

Hi again @nmaro!
Finally had some time to take a look at your content. I liked the focus of your approach a lot. With how you look at the underlying truth that lends necessity to the rule itself, you present a clear motive for the need to have a rule by which to counter that truth. You make a good point: that the truths seem dark, but only in the absence of some means to properly react to them. Very polished and well-presented! Looking forward to watching the upcoming parts as well.

Yep, I’m one of them. You can message @Hosts to get in touch with any of us :slight_smile:

Hey @Aberdunk so I went through your articles. It’s funny, the impression I get is that you go the opposite arc: you tend to question or relativize his deepest reasons for a rule but then ask: “does the rule itself make sense? Yes, why not, sounds like common-sense, no?” Hihi.