Recorded Sessions' Software

Need to seriously improve sound quality on my end and consider various software configurations to improve user experience on YouTube. This topic is to focus the explorations and ideas for improvement along those lines. Will come back to this later.

The two microphones I can recommend:

  • Blue Yeti, bulky and heavy (can change the the stand though) - the up close sound is fantastic, but you need a pop filter (e.g. a foam cover) for that. Has different capture modes, and gain controls. Too big and bulky for travel. This would be really good for your voice Tyler if you get an arm stand and one of these pop filters for it, as your voice would work well with its upclose ability. Pricy <$250. My pop filter and my stand.

  • Rhode SmartLav+. Tiny microphone that attaches to your shirt. Can use with PC and mobile as just uses the headphone jack. Cheap, <$50

For software, I’m a on a Mac, so I use:

  • Audio Hijack and Loopback to do audio recording. It also supports piping audio, so you can pipe audio from say VLC to the input. And get the audio from Google Chrome. Also supports various filters etc.

  • Screenflow for desktop recording.