Quitting Smoking

Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient.

Thought about this, and turned off my cigarette.

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That’s great! Keep us posted

I could use some counsel here. I saw this and reached for a cig. Triggered I know, saying goodbye to my hot little friend who’s shamanic qualities rationalize the act in my mind, not so easy.

I’ve never smoked, so I have no advice to give to specific condition. However I’ve heard this New Zealand comedy sketch is quite effective:

It’s best to begin vaping, get used to it, vape as much nicotine as you can, then eventually when you’re past cigarettes you can ween off. I’ve never been addicted to cigs.

I feel I have been addicted to vaping, and hookah at one point…

Kicking nicotine for me was a matter of a few days of self-control. Stick in there!