Pushup Accountability Buddies

In times when I am in a working mania, I often don’t make the time for running and other forms of exercise. However, 10 pushups a day seems reasonable, and would have quite an impact a year later.

So let’s setup an accountability buddy waterfall for making sure our buddies do 10 pushups a day. Here is the current list:

  1. @balupton
  2. @JohnBuck

The waterfall works such that each person in the waterfall must be the buddy for those above and below them. A new accountability buddy would be added to the end of the list.

Ha major hurdle here.

Turns out my left wrist’s mobility isn’t there. It hurts on the outer center intensely when I move it up or down or to the left. Seems it has been caused be wearing the Apple Watch for 2 years close/over my wrist (impairing mobility), instead of away from it by a few inches.

Guess I need to do stretches every for the next few weeks to repair that, and then do an altered pushup variation.

Keep pushing yourself. You will be surprised how far you will get in a year. I actually started doing this a little over a year ago. I started with 10 push ups and sit ups a day. A few weeks later I was doing 50. A few months later I was also doing 20 pullups and 15min on the elliptical. A little over a year later I finally decided to join planet fitness. I’ve been lifting weights and running MWF since April of this year, and it’s been thebest thing for my mental and physical health.


Good stuff Michael! I’ve been trying to stack up helpful fitness habits. Finally after many years of thinking about it I was able to build a morning workout habit this year and have been pretty steady on the weekdays. One of the women who keeps our cafeteria at work told me I was losing weight today! Nice.

Pushups are good for short breaks at sedentary jobs. Call it ten or twenty pushups two or three times per day. Also, you can run up the stairs to raise your heart rate but stop before you get sweaty. It’s surprising how much stress this can take out of the day and I get a significant rise in productivity the more I do.


Ok, I can be your accountability buddy.

Please, tell me how you got up to 20 pullups. I’m strong but heavy and hate pullups! Going to the gym and struggling through 3 pullups is not acceptable but that’s where it is.

Not all at once. I can do about 5 at a time consistently. I made it a goal to get to 15-20 every session.

Please explain how it works. Do you ping or track your progress somewhere?

@ExplorerSumit @JohnBuck are you still doing this?

I’m having upper back muscles issues do not been able to work out for a while.