Personality Tests

I know that JBP offers this for paying customers to answer a long list of questions in order to find out what your personality traits are . I haven’t done the JBP version so I won’t talk about that.

But I found this online the other day, which is not the generic type tests that you find online. This is a professional and serious site created by two people with PhD in psychology. It’s 100 questions and takes about 12-15 minutes, afterwards you can both see and download the results.

If you still would like to do the JBP version aka, I recommend using the promo code H3H3 to get the reduced price.

This test is great to do before doing the self authoring program, it helps to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are.
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I took the test. The main result categories are close to the big five:
Honesty - Humility
Open to Experience (openness)
I was outside of the 80% range in several individual items but mainly on the Open to Experience. Maybe if we could align our lives to our strengths rather than trying to prop up our weaknesses all the time work would be more fulfilling. It just doesn’t seem like “Open to Experience” is a get paid category!

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Thanks a lot for the link. Sorry to revive the topic but I wanted future readers to know that I just took the test and compared the results with the JBP version of the test and that I received very similar results for all the traits except extroversion. Extroversion is a weird one for me though since I think I’m naturally very introverted but have put a lot of effort into becoming more extroverted.

Its good to see consistency in the results of two different tests.

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Great, thanks Eric. Good to know both test match and are consistent.