Personality Lecture #8

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my notes

  • 00:00->22:00 - WOW

  • 29:00 - unless you are willing to be a fool, you will never perfect anything - you are a fool as you try something new, but you will remain a fool if you don’t try - you must know you are inevitably infallible in order to improve - to write a book, write a very bad first draft, and then it gets better - to get better, you must put yourself out into the domain of the unknown to begin with

  • 32:00 - places high in contamination, also become high in disgust and order in order to counteract the contamination

  • 34:00 - disgust is not fear, hitler discussion - the most unhappy people are liberal men

  • 37:00 - conscientious people are very high in will-power

  • 40:00 - intelligence and totalitarianism

  • 46:00 - heroes growing up outside of the culture is a common motif << could this also be the hero who runs from their problem can also become strong enough to eventually confront them? >>

  • 49:00 - when the wise king doesn’t pay attention, the malevolent king takes control << true from the state level, and the individual level, as we and you avoid looking at things we don’t want to look at >>

  • 51:00 - when you leave a kingdom, you will always end up in a desert/disorder/no-sanitation - when a state loses order, it dissolves into a desert chaos << fascinating, as when simba first arrives, he nearly dies in the desert and struggles, but when he is ready now to claim his kingship, he runs through it - this would indicate that he has now conquered the narrative and is now strong (the hero story narrative video)