Personality Lecture #7

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my notes

  • WOW

  • 1:00 - lion king influenced by archetypes, marvel comics the stories are co-created by writers and readers

  • 2:00 - book, jung

  • ~8:00 - motivation forces compose your fantasies

  • 10:00 - when things rationally don’t make sense, you must ask yourself, in what metaphorical context do they make sense

  • 10:30 - sun is the hero that illuminates the sky and the day, it would then wrestle with the darkness and the demons during night and come out victorious each day

  • 11:00 - we say we are enlightened when we learn something new, not that we are endarkened - this seems socio-biologically grounded in us, rather than something rational

  • 11:30 - how do we comport ourselves during the day, during the journey of the day - this is the fundamental question - then at night we battle the demons in our unconsciousness

  • 12:00 - dreams seem to compress knowledge to find the essence of learning, and encode it into your unconscious << this is really interesting, from a metaphysical/mythological perspective

  • 14:30 - rock represents the solid aspects of tradition, it is where we inscribe our learnings, and it is the best thing for staying constant through time

  • 19:00 - serotonin governs posture - when one integrates their shadow, gets the aggressive part of themselves as a controlled tool, they stop being a dear in a headlights (everything coming in, and nothing coming out) - the people who are too agreeable will look childlike and innocent, the people who are too disagreeable will look hardened and cruel - people who are integrated judge the world while also interacting with it

  • 21:00 - jungian self is the potential of yourself across time - we incorporate information and experiences to grow anew intellectually and biologically and genetically

  • 22:00 - pilgrimages grow you by integrating new experiences and knowledge into you - you go to all the corners of the world to find your “self” - that accomplishment of your potential

  • 25:00 - agreeable people respond with maternity to cute stimulus

  • 29:00 - witnessing a master, master the meta-game, appeals to us innately, as it is a testament to the human spirit that surges through all of us

  • 31:00 - the king always has an evil bother, that is to say, the state always has a tyrannical element - that is because the state deteriorates of its own accord (it is a construction of the past), as the state mismatches the past with the present it becomes malfunctioning, so the tyranny keeps it alive and updated - floods can occur when we look the other way, or our systems are out of date - so keep confronting what you don’t want to look and keep your internal systems/representations up to date, and look at what you need to in order to prosper and sort things out

  • 34:00 - milton, paradise lost

  • 34:00 - the problem with rationality, is that it tends to fall in love with its own creations - it is authoritarian - the left hemisphere imposes a coherent structure, and the right hemisphere will keep it updated with the integration of fantasy

  • 38:00 - cats when put in a new place will seek out every place they can hide, and leverage, and potential spots of danger

  • 41:00 - if you go outside what you know, it will cause a fall, as it is beyond you - the hero is the one who falls and gets back up, which is to say, they push their boundaries, learn how they fell, and become stronger each time, incorporating new experiences/knowledge into their self, growing into a better hero

  • 43:00 - all positive emotion and enthusiasm gets taken advantage of - pedophiles take advantage of trust systems (the innate trust of children) to take advantage of them

  • 44:00 - jungian anima, the feminine counterpart in the soul << I’ve certainly experienced this with certain relationships before >>

  • 45:00 - don’t confuse your privilege with competence, which is what you all do, it is a false arrogance, as you have no idea in the ways society protects you

  • 47:00 - curiosity << blue velvet - biological necessity for curiosity is interesting >>

  • 49:00 - schizophrenia, eye movements, dream state