Online Bevry Meetup?

As an alternative to International Bevry Conference and as is a thing - what are people’s thoughts on hosting a monthly online/remote Bevry meetup?

The only question would be what day of the week and what time would be best? I’m going to guess second Sunday of each month at 10.30pm Perth, Western Australia time -,-1290,cn3 which is:

  • 3:30am auckland
  • 1:30am sydney
  • 11:30pm tokyo
  • 10:30pm singapore, perth
  • 8pm mumbai
  • 3:30pm vienna
  • 2:30pm UTC, london
  • 12:30pm Rio
  • 9:30am new york
  • 8:30am chicago
  • 7:30am denver
  • 6:30am san fran
  • 4:30am hawaii

Once we get 5 confirmations, I think it is justified. So let’s get those +1s on your time zones.

As there was zero interest. This will not proceed.