Mythical flow-state

Some recognitions in discussion with @ArjunR

  • water of the mind, is will, which our developed agency directs
  • aether is the flow of the heavens, which moulds the earth through vessels - this possession is the spirit
  • internal world operates on same dynamics as the real world
  • water (will) concentrates in the heavens, falls upon the mountains, and flows down into streams
    • it is effortless to flow water (will) downhill via stream of consciousness
    • flow is slowed with hurdles (forks in the stream, dilution of will), and paused with dead-ends (requiring reconcentration of will)
    • reconcentration of will works by the evaporation of the scattered waters of the mind, back into clouds, to rain again
    • if directed through training in agency, one controls this process, and controls where the water flows, optimising for flowing down mountains with increasing concentrations of flow (streams, to rivers)
    • once will has evaporated from a stream, all that is left is the riverbed, the corpse of spirit - until the rain comes again
    • scattered water (will) is only good for evaporation, for the next rain (concentration)
  • to concentrate our will, we must concentrate the waters (will) of our mind, releasing contaminants via evaporation, and deciding fertile soil for their moisture
    • when one is proficient in their mind’s harvest, they have learnt to tend the soil in preparation for the light of consciousness, the darkness of the unconscious, the planting of seeds for the future; irrigation is used to prevent waste and increase yield, damns are built to neutralise volatility between excessive rains causing floods, preventing outbursts of will, and in times of drought, providing reserves

When one does not direct agency to tending the wells of water underground:

The world is levitated in the water of the aethers, which penetrates bodies in a process we call inspirit giving them life; discovery of duality between real and subjective world births agency, consciousness, imitation of creator god and its aspects (creation, preservation, destruction):


Water’s mythical usage in bible:

Deities of human domains residing among the clouds. Clouds being violent (torrents), blessings (rain), damnations (missing).

And the usage of fountains and springs in art; assailing us, helping us, etc

Or even the duality between the flood in The First King causing Romulus and Remus to commence their journey that evolved the dynamic from tyranny to representation, to the founding of Rome next to water. Of which fire also played a major character, symbolising the flame of the spirit, which if denied, represents tyranny, and respect, represents humanity.