Moving Lectures Notes and Meeting Notes into the Forum

I’d like to move the content from the Lecture Notes and Study Group documents into their appropriate threads here on the forum.

I’ve done the first move already for your notes @JohnBuck for the Oxford Talk:

I think that this decision will help with engagement on the site. As the content will be more accessible and can be replied to.

We also need to find a consistent format for posting notes, such that the program for the new website can figure out what is what. The arrival of this format can be emergent.

For now, the format can be:

  • For lecture notes, post in the corresponding thread in one of the peterson content categories. Lecture notes should be in your own comment, with My notes: at the start.

  • For meeting notes, post in the corresponding thread in the Meetings category. Meeting notes should be in their own comment, with Meeting notes: at the start.

  • If a thread doesn’t exist, using the content of a previous related thread as a template.

  • Don’t worry about hyperlinking timestamps, this can be done later. Just make sure they are in minute:second or hour:minute:second format, so that they are easy to detect.

Would be nice to make this migration a team effort.

/cc @Hosts

Ok. Lecture notes are now inlined.

Discussion notes are partly done. Still a lot left.


  1. Finish inlining discussion notes
  2. Update the various threads original post to reflect the new resources

Some useful regular expressions for the automation phase:


- [$1:$2:$3]($1h$2m$3s) 

- [$1:$2]($1m$2s) 

Migration completed.