Migration to Gitbook for all Documentation

I have commenced the migration for all our documentation for our various packages and projects to gitbook, from their existing websites and github wikis.

While our existing websites offer superior speed; the gitbook solution offers superior editing with reduced maintenance overheads, as they now control the devops of the documentation instead of us, an area that includes generation, hosting, theming, and consolidation.

This reduces our time overheads and allows us to focus our incredibly scarce time (due to no funding) on the most meaningful tasks and projects.

This includes the migration of docpad.org to gitbook, as well as its eventual relocation to docpad.bevry.me such that we don’t have to incur the domain renewal costs which the zero donations affords us.

The process has completed for the following:

If you would like to assist this initiative get in touch. If you would like to fund this initiative or say thank you, refer to https://bevry.me/donate