Maps of Meaning #10

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my notes

  • 06:00 - no mythology in communism, universities is pushing equity as equality of outcome - who decides, by what means, by what groups - never going to get equality of outcome in the infinite amount of ways we can divide people up, unless you want everyone to have nothing

  • 07:30 - is there ideas that western civilisation is built upon, if so, what are they?

  • 14:00 - the idea that predicates western civilisation, is that there is a transcendent morality - and unless one does that, then they have no defences against pathological ideologies - and if you believe you can replace tradition with yourself, there is nothing to keep you humble and you may think yourself a demigod

  • 22:00 - a leader gives articulation to the imagination of those he leads

  • 29:00 - there are things that think in you - we say “I had a dream” not that “I dreamt” - cloud atlas uses “dreamt”

  • 33:00 - how to manifest yourself properly in the world - is the ultimate question - and the one we have been working on since the beginning of time - culture strives to aid you in this question

  • 36:00 - morality emerges itself from playing games, the meta-morality arises from playing life - what is common between all of them, the pyramid of value -** the unity of our value and how we order it**

  • 39:00 - the role dominance hierarchies has on those who play

  • 41:00 - we populate the unknown with the fantasy of deities using our imagination

    • << what if we have a damaged imagination? >>
  • 42:00 - the imagination and predisposition for language, is a structure clinging to define itself

  • 44:00 - nihilistic - why bother solving a problem if it is a hydra, versus giving up and dying - malevolent: it’s too much, we must destroy it all

  • 45:00 - archetypes are representation of adaptive behaviour

  • 48:00 - what do you want to subordinate yourself to? what do you pick to be your ruler?

  • 49:00 - when you are torturing yourself with your conscience, what ideal are you ignoring that is causing that?

  • 50:00 - structures tend to become pathological in nature - seth - you want to destroy the pathological stuff and revise it with new learnings

    • << isn’t that what the feminists and postmodernists are doing? >>
  • 58:00 - precise thought (left hemisphere - picture of details, excludes many things), incomplete thought (right hemisphere - picture of everything, full of contradictions) - dreams sacrifice coherence for completeness - waking thought sacrifices completeness for coherence

  • 59:30 - we have to face everything, even if we don’t understanding anything completely

  • 1:04:00 - an equilibrated state is when the individuals benefit as much as the group, and it cannot be done alone, so the individuals want that - this stacks on many levels

  • 1:08:00 - slide of eden

  • 1:13:00 - slide of bible links

  • 1:15:00 - slide of bible summary

  • 1:24:00 - groups should reward those who bring productive vision

  • 1:27:00 - the law is articulation of the best rules we have - which still assumes you as an individual is sovereign

  • 1:33:00 - humans are genies (the uniting god) in a bottle (human body)

  • 1:50:00 - western societies are aware of the mortality of the future, so they sacrifice the present for the future with work

  • 2:08:00 - healthy kids are healthy enough to find trouble and to solve it - unhealthy kids avoid trouble as they can’t cope with it

  • 2:10:00 - it’s great but it’s not good enough

  • 2:17:00 - can we live harmoniously with the thought of death?