Making the YouTube Channel available as Audio and Video Podcasts

As YouTube doesn’t allow people to listen to its content when the app is not active, it would be great to have the YouTube channel turn into an actual podcast, that is available via people’s various podcast apps.

There would be two ways for this:

  1. Manual uploads to an audio/podcast server (we can always get the best audio for this, as people can upload their local recording - but risks having pee, poop, and chore sounds in there, if the recorded did not mute their microphone directly). SoundCloud is not an option for us, as we upload more than an hour of content a month (so would need its paid plan).
  2. A service that converts the youtube channel into a video podcast and audio podcast. This option is most convenient.

@jungianimal do you have any suggestions for how to do this?

Another service I saw pop up today is:

Not sure how that can fit in though.

/cc @Hosts

There are several plugins for the Firefox browser that convert Youtube to audio mp3. There are also website’s that will do that and usually they are supported by adds. I wanted to reduce my reliance on my company iPhone and so purchased a SanDisk MP3 player the I can use with bluetooth or plugin headphones. You just have to spend the time converting and transering the files.

The epic browser will also download Youtube videos. I had success with this site, they pop and ad when you download and I only tried it once.