Logical Arguments of Jordan Peterson

Hi folks,

This is a request and someone will tell me if it’s appropriate and interesting, or not. I’m interested in the teaching of thinking skills, with argumentation being my current focus. Related to that although I’m not sure yet how, I’ve started a file, Logical Arguments of Jordan Peterson.

It’s just the nuggets of the logic of what Dr. P is saying. Because, one thing notable about him is that he’s actually making sound arguments, not just argumentative sounds.

So the file is just statement (“conclusions”) about different things explained by “warrants” (with “because”). The titles are just the YouTube titles, for reference (system won’t allow me to post the links). Here’s what I’ve got so far:

To Junior High, High School Students and Their Parents

Bill C-16 extends the definition of hate to include bias. This is unacceptable. 2:23 because legislating what you can’t say if different from legislating what you must say 4:38

Jordan Peterson on the meaning of life for men

Rights and responsibilities go hand in hand, because your rights are my responsibilities.

You’ll notice it’s not a summary of the whole talk, just individual kernels of logic that actually can stand alone.

I have one of this made up into a nice meme, which I’ll post when I get back to the other computer. Full disclosure: I was going to post these memes to Pinterest, with a link back to my courses, which is maybe benefitting me personally, as I do my bit in what I see as a kind of cultural warfare happening now, with JPB arguably leading the charge.

If people want to add to this list, they’re welcome to do so, maybe we could collaborate.

Thanks very much

Sounds good. Our existing lecture notes may help with that.

Other than that, anything else we can do?