Language Learning

I’m getting a bit frustrated with having to spend hours researching translations, only to discover the audiobooks are always using one of the lesser translations available.

Therefor, I am thinking it would be good exercise to use reading of the greats, as a method for learning languages. This has an advantage, as the original texts of the greats are all in the public domain now, so their kindle versions are free. Some even have whispersync audio versions available for an extra few dollars

If anyone is willing to join in on this, perhaps we can hook non-native speakers with native speakers who are reading the same books, and they can read them together.

And for non-native speakers, DuoLingo is a great tool. Here are our profiles on it, so we can utilise the masculine competitive edge to keep motivated:

I’m thinking either of these would be a good start, both availble in German, with German whipsersync audiobooks available too:

Halo, Ben, wie gehts? Das ist gut. Mein Deutsch ist Scheiße, aber ich bin bereit.

Ich habe en der Schule Deutsch studiert.

Woot woot. Want to compete on DuoLingo? I think unless I have people I’m actively competing with, I get too bored.

My duolingo name is Ployglotallism. I haven’t used it in forever, but we can konkurrieren.

Hrmm, you don’t show up in a friend search for me. Can you add me instead?

I don’t seem to be able to add you either. Something seems odd with my account. Perhaps because of its age it is incompatible with new features; migrated oddly to a new database perhaps. I’ll make a new account and test.

My name is AsianPloyglotallism, just finished my first lesson. Ich bin ein mann.

I added Ben, but can’t fine Tyler. Tyler what’s your new account name?

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Why do you guys always pick such large and hard to spell usernames?

For AsianPloyglotallism seems DuoLingo truncated it down to

Hehe. Mine was supposed to be a pun on Tyler’s name. I keep running out of gems and my training stops - what do you folks do in that situation? Get a paid account or buy more gems?

Yeah the time limits are annoying. They didn’t use to be there. Is gems the only thing now? Before there use to be a monthly plan.

There is a monthly plan but too expensive for me. They didn’t price correct for India I guess - not many people here would be interested at that price range. Apart from the monthly plan, you can buy gems as well. On top of that they now sometimes require that you MUST watch a ad before lesson could begin.

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The lack of international pricing for it is surprising, as their biggest demographic clusters are those in the third world.

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Thanks for the most helpful discussion

Yes it is true that the biggest demographic has clustered, but it is also similarly important to have a specific rule for the international pricing strategy.