Joseph Campbell - The Hero With a Thousand Faces

I’ve not read Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces or Maps of Meaning yet; would it be of any benefit to read 1000 faces first? I’ve heard that Maps of Meaning is our generation’s version of 1000 faces and that reading both is redundant; any advice? I’m currently enjoying 12 Rules

Doesn’t seem it is a book that is on any of JBP’s recommended reading lists, so won’t be part of the JBP Reading Group, which is exclusively for JBP recommended titles. Here is the compiled listed of all the books JBP recommends on his website:

A good thing is though, is the Reading Group knocks off a book every 2 months, so it offers enough time to read your own books on the side. Perhaps this thread can serve as an appeal to others to read the book :slight_smile: I’ve never heard of it myself.

I’ve updated your post to include the Goodreads link for the book :slight_smile: