Is DocPad still maintained?

Hi — I’m curious how much DocPad is still maintained. I believe the node environment changes fairly rapidly and was somewhat concerned by the lack of recent activity. Are new bugs (e.g. introduced by dependency changes) still being fixed? If it’s not being actively maintained, is there another project I should be looking at which is similar but is actively being maintained?

If and if it does still make sense to use DocPad, I’m curious if there are example of some very nice sites which are publicly available on github to be used as a base. I saw the skeletons list, and the DocPad homepage; but I’m curious if there are any more “fully fleshed out skeletons”.


I took a break from open-source for two years in 2014. However the last 2 years has seen a lot of updates. The updates so far has been to the bevry ecosystem, our patreon roadmap talks about some of the progress there. Some plugins are now being updated to make use of this. And there will be a release of DocPad soon to do the same - it’s done, just needs more extensive testing.

The announcements and updates channels on our slack will show a lot of activity over the past 2 years.

However, feel free to use whatever you want. None are perfect. And I still use DocPad for things today as it is often still the best tool for certain tasks, and will only get better. There are some enterprise people still using it everyday for years.

However now there is also a plethora of alternative tools for alternative and similar use cases too. So if they are better, go for it.

DocPad has seen a flurry of releases this year. Consider it up to date.

DocPad was archived last year, refer to the notice at