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Hi all,

Hm, interesting place. I had no idea.

I became aware of JP I think around June, when I had started looking at online writing courses. I came across I guess it was SelfAuthoring. He also did a piece about writing an essay. Neither of those was what I was looking for, because I’ve been developing a course around writing logically, the whole argumentation piece.

Then the pronoun thing came up, and at the same time I friend of mine started mentioning JP. So I started checking out more of his things. So that now, this past Wednesday I spend pretty much the whole day doing SelfAuthoring, and I’ve followed more, and now here I am. I live in Edmonton btw.

He’s so refreshing bcs he’s honest, right? Insightful too of course, but honesty stands out in a public figure in times when there’s so much deception around.

I think I heard about this group through LinkedIn…

OK, that’s all for now, thanks.



Hello everyone. I have been following Mr Peterson for some time and have enjoyed many of his talks on YouTube as well as subscribe to his podcast. As a senior marketer you’re always looking for new ways to innovate and think differently about our customers and our markets. Thus, it is interesting to hear a very new and refreshing perspective on the reality in which we reside. Often, Mr Peterson makes a point of indicating that his perspectives are not political, which I appreciate, yet one of the most challenging aspects of any business, or Society for that matter, is a political interaction between individuals in the hierarchy. In short, as we all know, politics are everywhere. Also, we know there is significant dysfunction in communication when different groups in the hierarchy need to compete. Recently, this is most obviously seen in American politics, therefore it may be the best litmus test for our rules of governance for hierarchies. For some time, this has led me to consider how to visualize and therefore integrate a better understanding of communication between different and completing groups.

In short, Mr. Peterson has helped me to think differently and more critically about underlying structures.

If this picture upload works then you will see my best draft effort to visualize how I think different political groups evolve into sophisticated communications that are hard for external, non-hardcore political junkies, find hard to understand. Feedback is welcomed. And if better models exist, please provide a link or search term.


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This image shows a different perspective and better illustrates the divergence I am considering. The x-axis has been extended to emphasize divergence.

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Hello all. I recently became very interested in Jordan Peterson’s work. I heard the name a few times but when I finally decided to watch a video of him speaking I was hooked. I very much enjoy how he breaks you open and exposes all of the flaws with no hesitation. I think it makes it very easy to get pulled into his work because you want to know more. Even though I’ve only been listening to him for a few months he has completely changed my perspective on life. How refreshing!

My area of interest is mostly with success and how to obtain it. What allows a person to become successful/wealthy? Peterson speaks a lot about careers and how there is more meaning in family, and I can see that. I saw one interview where he simply said that jobs are not meaningful and that you should strive to make yourself useful to support your family. However, I don’t agree with this. I think it is possible to build up a career that you can find meaning in. And if you’re going to spend most of your waking hours making money to support your family you should do something meaningful. I’ve seen many people who genuinely enjoy what they do, are good at it, and also have a successful family life. Perhaps it is rare, but if you have the time to do so you can at least find something less miserable than what you already do.

I love Peterson’s work and want to learn much more. I hope I can find others on here who share similar ambitions.


Hi All,

I’m a husband and father of two recently adult age children.
I’ve been a software architect/engineer for over 30 years. I love it. Always did.

I’ve been working on/off at developing policy for an obscure minor political party. I’m not here to promote that, but it made me discover quite how hard it really is to come up with actually good policy. Jordan’s points about cleaning your room resonated. This minor party also started out with a uniquely left-libertarian combined perspective but I’ve seen it slowly get taken over by this creeping identity politics, and it scares me. It’s so mindless; an excuse not to think about the real complexity that we face and an affront to rational discourse, so when I found Jordan Peterson and his lectures, it was like a breath of fresh air - finally, someone that understood and was willing to stand up and say it with such clarity.

…and so here I am …AndrewD…

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  • I was raised in an Messianic-Jewish household, outside of any organized religion, started to listen to Jordan Peterson to try and get a more sophisticated outlook, and became quite the fan.
    I’ve since read many of the books on his recommendation list, being especially fond of Nietzsche, and I’m still exploring within the categories of philosophy, evolution, and religion.

  • I’m very active on Twitter where I discuss these things.

  • I made a video-essay going over the topic of Metaphorical Truth, from a variety of people adjacent to the IDW. I’d say it’s a good insight into kind of what I’m all about. You can watch that >here.<

  • I’ve written a sci-fi screenplay that I’m a fan of if you’d like to read that, about a robot’s journey in a post-human technological society. That’s >here.<
    And what I’m currently working on, for the past 7 months, is a screenplay regarding the philosophy of antinatalism from 5 different viewpoints.

  • For the past couple months I’ve been part of a channel run by a Christian named Craig Reed where he interviews atheists and others, just to foster good conversations. Here’s a good one where we interview a Stoic, discussing that philosophy. And also this group chat is good, where a couple atheists and Christians discuss Peterson and Haidt. And, just so you have a selection of three, this interview is also very good, with an Evangelical Christian Esther O’Reilly, on the limits to Peterson’s project.

  • For the past…2 years(?) I’ve been part of the weekly Bevry group talks and have gained great friends there. I’m particularly fond of this public discussion we had on the topic of centrally-held axioms one has. The runtime is long, but it’s much nicer listening at 1.5-2x speed.

  • What I’d like to be doing in the future is working more within the real-world. Fostering conversations, and perhaps group political projects for benefiting our little corner of space we inhabit.

That’s me.

  • Jack Dorsey has left the chat.

Hi everyone! I’m a photographer based in London, looking to learn more about JBP’s politics, in particular his influence on structure. In order to this, I’m creating the project linked below.

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I ventured here because I’m actually a new fan of the one and only Benjamin Lupton.

After reading this entire forum post have also found that I am incredibly excited to be introduced to Jordan Peterson.

I’m starting biblical study (alongside javascript). Accidentally got here tonight after succumbing to passivity on twitter and github, (or is it really instead career investment if its github?) I’m really happy for that RARE BEND, whichever way the cookie crumbles. An otherwise conservative isolation regimen of hopeful “someday I will find my crowd” has suddenly turned to a sense of potential global belonging.

I am an old/new programming student, with theology/psychology/philosophy penchants, so I’ll see about how I can contribute here!

IF you like, however, you could be one of the first to friend my lonesome self on twitter
:shark::honeybee: :peacock::owl:

I would like to give balupton an epic wow for having the ability to create this otherwise disparate community…I’m in the middle of your biography Ben!–and @JohnBuck John, I’m excited to read your play! (I used to direct improv theater(Viola Spolin)…do you like Augusto Boal?)
Also, thanks to @Jackshand, I just found Richard Grannon.

Tip thine hat… to balupton and his robot! and his unicorn!!! :cowboy_hat_face:: :robot::partying_face::unicorn:

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Ok, so facepalm on being ignorant about discourse but…
glad to be here nonetheless.

Hi everyone, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

I’m here for the great discussions on topics I enjoy, all that “meaning of life” stuff. But most of all I am interested in the practice over the theory: how these ideas translate into actions. “Know the tree by its fruit”, etc.

So I’m very much looking forward to getting to know folks here, and learning from your ideas, perspectives & experiences.

About me personally: I work from home doing Web Things and love the flexibility that brings, being able to spend more time with my family. In the last couple of years I’ve been inspired to take a fresh look at my beliefs about Jesus and understanding of the biblical narrative, and how that impacts my perception and decisions. I’ve also been coming into a new appreciation of reading the bible together with other people, and the new dimension this introduces. So if that is interesting to you, hit me up.

Hello Bevry.
I am interested in joining due to the focus and exciting approach to discourse in the public space. Thanks for bringing something new to social media.

Second, I grew up on political satire and irony from the old Carry On and Monty Python TV and movies - add to this a dash of Blackadder and voila, here I am. A lover of irony, sarcasm and Jordan B Peterson. So I have an interesting perspective that is likely quite common for Canadians.

Third, I see that comedy and insight contribute to many people’s perception of reality … and until recently, politicians were concerned about the majority’s understanding of their ethics as a leader. Given developments in the USA’s political theatre, we all should give pause to consider how this came to pass.

Thus, fourth and finally, I am developing a fun, ironic, satirical card game that is challenging but has a moral message (this may offend others, so feel free to delete): “when you break the rules or play trump, there may be consequences.” Best of all, Super Trump can be beat by Ultimate Trump and Penultimate Trump (image of a lobster with claws raised up). Ah, the delicious

irony and sarcasm.

This is a long-winded introduction to my question: where, if anywhere, would this light-hearted, fun, poke-in-the-eye-of-political-correctness, topic best reside?

Best wishes,

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Hi, my name is Denis, I’m a 51 year old living in a small town on the Irish border. I found this group while browsing a Discord discussion board on Eric Weinstein’s Portal podcast. found a link to Bevry and your discussion topics are related to people and topics I have an interest in. i suppose I am lost and searching for meaning. I am married with three grown up kids. I have a career, educated to masters level, but feel lonely and unfulfilled. Personalty wise I am an introvert so prefer to be a listener as opposed to a contributer.

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Hello all,

Pretty sure almost no one will read anything this far down the page but oh well.

I’m Gamja (potato in korean, it’s not ganja) and I’m a extremely broken individual. I can barely function in day to day life. But I spent my time thinking about many things and Dr JP has certain given me a great push in the right direction. Like any thought worth having, it has somewhat deviated from what I learned from Dr JP, but it’s not because it disagrees per se. It’s just my priorities and experiences are different so it’s inevitable.

I am 30 years old male in Oregon and I am looking for places to talk about deeper things in life, most importantly, to be proven wrong by a courteous individual. I hope to find that in this community, thank you.

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You may not identify as this, but I think it will be a useful framework to be aware of. Look up typical Asperger’s behavior, it was a godsend to me, even though it is buried in Autism materials. Good luck to you.

I’m not sure by what you have currently said your viewpoint, but here is my perspective, I hope it helps you to find better nuance to your views.

The narrative lens or framework from each of these groups (and others) is completely different. so when looking at an elephant or a donkey for example, one focuses on the legs and feet, while the other focuses on the face and mouth. They are both right in some respects, and they are both missing the bigger picture; and I cheated (in my mind) because I used something that we can all agree and visualize as the same thing. I think about the saying being on the same page, and imagine (we) aren’t even in the same library in the same country in some circumstances. I mean most people I have talked to from the U.S. can’t wrap their heads around China rationally believing that the countries they have annexed actually are a part of China. I don’t agree with that view, but if I can’t understand where it is coming from, I can’t lovingly nudge the person into understanding my perspective and getting a more nuanced view. I hope this helps.

Hi All,

I am interested in Psychology, philosophy, STEM, mythology/religion. I have many topics I want to talk about to both improve my thinking and the thinking of others. Looking forward to growing with the rest of you.


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Hello there! I just joined this community and overwhelmed. I’d want to join in on the meetings but can’t seem to find out any way to do so. Can someone please help me out?

I’m Ricky, from India. Started listening to Jordan Peterson few years before, but that’s all I did, listen. So, I decided to do something about my life cuz I’m completely lost. I think I have a lot to fix in me and my surrounding and this is my first step.
I’m very excited to meet you all and talk to you!!!

@Sick_Sock welcome

Sorry about the difficulty in joining — earlier this year with Bevry v5, we moved to Signal as our primary means of interaction.

Details on how to join the new format is in the Bevry v5 announcement post:

For now, the first step is grabbing a call with me:

Then you’ll get invited to the appropriate Signal groups.