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Here’s the JBP relation for me.

Worked as a programmer for about 10 years, started off with liberal values. Had certain life traumas that made me realise that the progressive ideals that I had been spoon fed by my industry and peers did not explain the traumas that I faced. A red pill was forced on me. It took me several years to understand what was going on. People like Will Farrel, Karen Straughan, Jordan B Peterson, Ben Shapiro, all gave me arguments that I had never heard before, and which seemed to fit reality better, as they explained not just the common place, but also the exceptions I experienced in my own life, and those of my peers.

When the Maps of Meaning 2017 lectures went online, there were discussions in the YouTube comments about setting up a study group. A few occured before I joined, and then I ended up becoming the main host and helping scale it to where it is today. Now, and just like before, there are several hosts, and we try to share the load. It wouldn’t be possible without everyone.

People can read more about me at - and request a meeting at

All the best!

Hi everyone!

I started following Peterson a year ago. I’m


Hello! I’m a soon-to-be-ex graduate student in mathematics. Don’t know what I’ll do afterwards, because my programming skills barely exist. Just know academia is not for me. I mainly engage with JBP through sorting self out based on his ideas; I blog about my ideas and experiences here:

As for how I discovered JBP, I suppose it has been a long time coming. I went to an American international school in Asia and got into Enlightenment political philosophy as a result of taking AP US History. I was a radical liberal and feminist throughout my teenage years; radical in my ideas, but the movement itself seemed thoroughly irrational to me. When I attended to a liberal arts college in the Midwest, all the men in our year had to take a “Don’t Rape” seminar and the liberal in me was shocked. I basically checked out of campus culture due to that because the prevailing ideas seemed so toxic. So when the C-16 controversy broke out, it didn’t take much for me to hop on the Peterson train. He seemed to be the only sane voice left in politics at the time.


Hello Friends,

Here’s a bullet point narrative in reverse (linguistically) chronological order: JBP community -> JBP himself, via Youtube -> divorce, disease, bitterness, (also fatherhood, let’s not omit positive relevance) -> naive child with singular hopes and dreams whorled about in the ADHD/aspergers blender -> numinous void of pre-cognition -> gamete -> disparate systems of energy displaced by time and space, ultimately destined to coalesce into the vortical form of theplebistocrat (Tyler)— that’s me. And this mess of words. I made this, too.

I am wholly interested in the following: sorting myself out as a single father with a debilitating disease, depth psychology and continuing my own education, the fundamental nature of reality via philosophical inquiry, logic, and mathematical physics (quasi), and helping others find happiness and reduce unnecessary suffering in this world.

If anyone ever wishes to converse, well…


I’m a programmer working in the startup scene in Austin, TX. I was introduced to Jordan Peterson initially by this video. I didn’t think much of it, but he started talking about Nietzsche during the Joe Rogan podcast that he was on and I was hooked because I’d been interested in Nietzsche for a while.

I prefer reading the material Dr. Peterson recommends to watching most of his videos because I feel like most of the material either speaks for itself, or is better supplemented than replaced by the videos. That said, right now I’m working my way through some of Jung’s material. I can’t say I understand all of it, but it definitely puts a lot of Dr. Peterson’s material into context.

I used to be more on board the anti-SJW, anti-feminist, free-speech train, but now I think that most of that’s been overhyped and I’m disinterested in the related content now. I’m philosophically on board in many cases, but I don’t think it’s the most important thing for me to focus on.

I’m looking to sort myself out by reading great works, some of which Dr. Peterson recommends, and by experiencing what life has to offer and confronting what scares me most. I’m trying with varying quantities of success to keep my room clean.


Hey guys,

I’m Just here supporting the community. Ex-leftie. Got sick of the scene circa 2015. I’m a mom with teenage daughters. Almost 13 and almost 16. I love Peterson because I’m one of those pple who is very smart but also so “open” that I tend to be scattered. His philosophy helps me organize my mind and my world, which I appreciate. Also, I think he gives good advice for women.

It pains me to see how he’s vilified in the media. So I’m hiding out places where I can find like minded folks. I hope this forum takes off.




Hi everyone here’s a little introduction on me

I have all my life been treated as I’m a worthless individual with nothing to contribute. This led me down the path of becoming an introvert and accepting other people’s and even my own families view and opinion about me. The only person that I had a great connection with growing up was my older brother and I tragically lost him in a car accident when he was 10 years old. I also lost my father in the same accident.

Grew up with no father figure and no older brother to protect me I had to learn by myself how to fend for myself. I got my shelter by reading books and becoming more and more interested by religion, although I had not actively belonged to any religion I found it intriguing.

Later in the teen-age I began to read Crime and punishment, that book change me for good. Ever since then I have read more and more, digging myself further into the unknown psyche of man. How he behaves, how he thinks and acts, where do our moral values come from and whether or not we have free will. It should be obvious that I’m a follower of Sam Harris and followed the discussions of the four Horsemen, tragic that we lost a great man such as Hitchens.

I began my journey into adulthood by studying Law in university, but I was nevertheless still more intrigued by psychology, so I took a class and educated myself by becoming aware of Freud and C.G Jung.

Throughout all this I’ve had some ups and downs, mostly downs for quite a while, I began to distance myself from my family as I finally convinced myself that it was the right thing to do, that they never supported me but rather dragged me down and crushed my dream’s. Still at 30 I’m convinced that I made the right decision. But distancing myself also resulted that I isolated myself and started doubting my relationships, I had a hard time to trust anyone and thus began my depression.

Although looking back at my life now I realize that my depression started much earlier than that, I acknowledged it too late. Through an injury and surgery on my knee I came to be dependent on painkillers. That is also a big chapter in my life, the pain from the injury was real and I’m still recovering from it but unwilling to acknowledge my depression and need for help I started upping the dose of my painkillers and treating my anxiety disorders and depression that way. At the end of it I did realize that I was stuck and needed help so I sought treatment for my depression, however the doctors didn’t take my depression seriously and thought that it was a side effect from my intake of such strong painkillers. So I lost hope in everything and even in myself, I tried several times to to commit suicide.

That led me to become hospitalised for two months. It was there that I realized that this is my own battle, no one is going or is able to help me except myself, I had to slay my own dragon! I quit taking painkillers and started seeing therapist, they realized that I was suffering from PTSD and suspect that I also have ADHD, apparently I scored high on that one but I’m not convinced I have ADHD. Going through at least five different antidepressants and suffering through the side effects of each my doctor decided to put me on Wellbutrin. It helped me a lot more than any of the antidepressants I had tried, it sharpened my mind and made me more active, I started to regularly exercise and that itself helped my mood and my anxiety dropped to an extent. That was also the time when I discovered JBP, he appeared for the first time on Joe Rogans podcast which I followed and I became immediately hooked and began my JBP journey. I discovered his YouTube channel and began watching his lectures and was shocked that no one around me knew about this guy, the limited amount of publicity he would get in the media here was always in a negative manner where they twisted his message. As soon as he released his new book 12 Rules for Life I got it and started reading, once done I started with Maps of Meaning and continued to listening to his lectures on biblical stories.

I really wish I had discovered JBP sooner, he has had a tremendous effect on me. I have more confidence in myself and I’m braver and willing to take on challenges in life.

It’s been a long journey and a arduous one, two years ago I had no confidence that I would be alive to celebrate my 30th birthday.

This is the new chapter in my life, one that I have more say in how it will look. One in which I’m more brave and self-motivated and confident.

Sorry for the long read, once I began writing I couldn’t stop. And this is actually the reduced version lol:grinning: and as you would expect I’m a fan of Kafka and I shall end this text with one of his quotes

‘A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.’



I’m just a fan of Mr Peterson’s lectures, very interested in semiotics and math. I’m a software engineer from Mexico.

I’m here because I’ve been looking for online forums to talk about diverse topics I find fascinating about Peterson lectures and work. I’ve searched reddit, irc and found nothing. Hope I can join your community :slight_smile:

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@thehackermonkey sure. Everyone is welcome to post as they wish here, and to join the study group meetings!

@Kafka great to hear from you and to welcome you to the community! I also commend you for sharing your story with us, it is good to see people can be so open about such things.

You and @theplebistocrat should get in contact. Perhaps there can be shared tips, as the saying goes, the struggle is real.

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@MomFoldingLaundry it’s surprising how many of us are ex lefties! Also a few parents in the community so far. Looking forward to hearing from you more

@Hypatia Welcome! Are you still in Asia? A few us are scattered through there!

@nmaro @bolivier @theplebistocrat great to see you guys on the forum

:wave: hi everone. I’ve been active in calls way back when and will participate with a pseudonym,


Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate it!

Kick-ass Kafka! You can do it.
For PTSD I like Richard Grannon’s stuff, also helpful for ACOA. Wish I had discovered these things earlier in life.


Hey guys,

My name is Michael Craighead. I’m an artist living in Roanoke Virginia and i’ve been following Jordan Peterson and his work for a couple years now. I became hooked after finding his Ted Talks on Potential and what is “real.”
I’m looking forward to being apart of the discussion and community you’ve established here. Thanks!


Thank you Jack. I will make sure to look into it!