International Bevry Conference

So this was discussed a while ago in this github issue however it is time we renew the discussion.

There’s two formats this could go, and we can do either one or both. The formats are:

2 Day Conference

1st day is DocPad stuff. 2nd day is Bevry stuff (the modules and organisation/community behind DocPad).

People submit talks, community and leadership vote on talks.

1-4 Week Dev Camp

A dev camp is where developers meetup and live together or near each other to meetup each day to accomplish a lot of work in a quick amount of time. There is usually a meetup in the morning, and presentations throughout the day to speed things along. If you learn something, you share it. If you need to know something, then a Q&A session is held.

It can be 1 week for both Bevry and DocPad things. 1 week for DocPad things and 1 week for Bevry things. Or 4 weeks on whatever living together (startup hostel style).


We have a few options here:

  • For the dev camp, people will fly in and need extended accommodation. It can mean people get their own accomodation (perhaps through a sponsor) and go to a co-working space (provided by a sponsor), or we rent out a villa that people live at and that is where the dev camp and conference happen as well.
  • The conference can happen anywhere really, although it would probably happen the weekend before the dev camp commences.


If we go with the villa idea, south america, southeast asia would be the best options as we could get a huge villa to house 20 or so people easily for not that much money.

If we go with a major city idea, wherever would be the middle ground of most of our users would work best, and then we would need to find a sponsor to provide a space to hold the conference (and hopefully the dev camp), as well as hopefully a sponsor to cover accommodation.


  • We will need sponsors to pull this off
  • We will need to work with people on location to pull this off
  • We can export our mixpanel people data and then develop a graph to understand their location density to develop a good idea of where to hold this conference

Thoughts and feedback?

The Villa is definitely Bevry’s style. I’m game, when makes sense?

As there was zero interest. This will not proceed.