Internal Server Error when using eco

I’m trying to render a page using eco. Inside the render directory I have /guides/glossary.html - when navigating to /guides/glossary.html in my browser it works. When glossary.html becomes and it no longer works, navigating to that same URL provides the an error 500 and outputs “Internal Server Error” there is no error message output on console (including when running docpad with -d)

I already have an eco page working elsewhere. / is working fine. When I navigate to / in my browser it works, /index.html is an error 500 and / is a 404 (I expected that last one though)

Am I doing something wrong?

What operating system, node version, docpad version, and eco plugin version are you using?

As you shouldn’t be getting any server errors with the latest DocPad, as it’s server functionality has been moved to the serve plugin.

I’m running on
windows 10
docpad 6.80.6
Node 8.11.4
docpad eco plugin2.3.0

Yeah… unfortunately the ecosystem updates in v6.80 causes that error to occur. v6.81 and above address it, but require the serve plugin to be used instead. Upgrading to the latest versions of everything will resolve that problem. Thanks for posting the issue and making this illuminated.

I’ve updated to the most recent version, and now executing “docpad run” just hangs indefinatly.

Weird, can you open a seperate issue and post the results of docpad run --debug. It may generate a docpad-debug.log file. Ensure that all plugins and whatnot are the latest, you can use for that.