Hangouts on Air

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Hey everyone! We occasionally run online meetings for the Bevry community, as a chance to discuss the latest going on and to move things forward together.

Google Hangouts on Air is the medium we’re using for these daily catchups; it is quite full featured, allowing for a remote virtual meeting, streaming of the meeting, and saving to YouTube afterwards.

Bevry Team Setup Guide

  1. Logging into the Bevry Google+ Page
  2. Going to this url
  3. Clicking the Start a Google Hangout on Air button
  4. Creating a Google Drive Document in this folder
  5. Set the Google Drive Document to be editable by all
  6. Use the shareable link of the Google Drive Document as the Hangout on Air meeting notes
  7. Give it a name and description
  • For catchup sessions use Bevry Catchup #XX where XX is the number we are up to

  • For daily hangout sessions use 2016-01-14 - Co-Working Hangout 01 adjusted for the correct details, with description:

    	Hangout out with Bevry team members as they code. In this hangout:
    	1. Update remaining CoffeeScript projects to ESNext
    	Up next:
    	1. Release new DocPad website designed by Steve McArthur
    	2. Work on and release esnext edition of taskgroup and joe
    	3. Work on and release esnext editions of the rest of our CoffeeScript modules
    	4. Update docpad/extras script and documentation to convert DocPad plugins to esnext
    	5. Update docpad to esnext
  1. In the audience field have “Public”, and “Bevry”
  2. Click start

Participant Guide

Join our Google+ Bevry Page. We will post the invitations to the hangouts on them.

You can watch our previous catchups here.

Each invitation will allow you to watch the Google Hangout on Air and ask questions. Also posted with the invitation will be a link to a document that we will be using to plan the catchup and take notes during it. Contained inside the document will be a link to join as a caller within the Google Hangout on Air.

More DocPad hackathons and workouts! :stuck_out_tongue: :baby_chick: :smiling_imp: