For/Against Liberty Jobs & Companies

Setting up this wiki topic as a place to track which companies have a record of fostering liberty, and which have a record of denying it. As a blacklist/whitelist for jobs for libertarians and objectivists.

There will be three categories: For Liberty, Neutral, Against Liberty.

Each item should have the companies name, a link to their career openings, and supporting documents of their behaviour regarding liberty.

Guilt by association is not a charge. Open association should be encouraged.

Guilt by action is the verdict here. Censorship due to political affiliation or wrong-think is against liberty.

To be clear. Liberty is the freedom to (1) participate freely with other consenting persons, and (2) not be forced to participate in something that they do not consent to. That is to say, the freedom to associate, and the freedom from association. As such, liberty social platforms must allow free association to achieve clause 1, but allow muting to achieve clause 2. Liberty is generally reserved for adults (as it is hard to develop the appropriate integration of those two clauses), adults bearing the responsibility to raise children (irresponsible & vulnerable) to become responsible adults (responsible & capable), which when done so, promotes synergistic association through ongoing debate & negotiation to achieve revision and civility.

Remote work eliminates a slew of liberty dilemmas and time-sinks, such as X wishes to bring their pet to work, but Y is allergic.

Enforced speech and pronouns are liberty violations, as they force an action upon another. Enforced religion is another liberty violation, for the same reason. Abortion is yet another. Consent must be mutual.

For Liberty


Against Liberty