DocPad CMS Plugins is essentially what we aimed to do with Web Write.

It would be cool if we could create a Prismic plugin for DocPad.

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Wow, Prismic’s product seems impressive. Would the idea be to use the Prismic content repository as a source for content that could be served by DocPad? If so, that sounds pretty useful.

Off topic: What is the current status of Web Write? It seems to be backburner.

Correct. The company that was funding it’s development dropped the funding. So it’s on the backburner.

A note on the resolution.

WebWrite won’t see the light of day, it was the first in its category, but it never went further than a proof of concept. The market is now dominated by players like Contentful etc. As such, WebWrite should be considered closed.

Can DocPad take advantage of this? Yes and no.

I cover the future of SSGs over at:

However, for DocPad we deprecated the stuff to do this as a DocPad CMS:

As such, DocPad will be returning to be a SSG. The role of importers will need to occur outside of the in-memory realm.