Can anything replace the churches, Synagogues, and Mosques of the world?

I was wondering if a group based on finding truth and meaning could ever fill the void that’s being left by the churches, and what such a group would look like.

Perhaps it could be based on principles like:

Finding the truth is an ever-evolving process. It is found in the stories of the past, the evidence of the present, and the dreams for the future.

Meaning is found in the reduction of unnecessary suffering and in the opposition to malice.

Any ideas on what could be added?

Interesting watch for this topic:

The next question I think is what is the specifications required. For instance, to some extent, our weekly study group fulfils some of the criteria (people of any identity and character, coming together each week, to validate their ideas and assumptions about life). Through that, an eventual grassroots ideal arises, for each member — which is quite different than the traditional church, which is a more a top down approach to morality and perception.

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