Broken interaction between DocPad Plugins

What I’m trying to do is include a partial html template inside a “”" quoted string so that its output can be used programatically.

So I have a template in partials with html that includes '#{} sequences.
then I have a file with the script. which has a tripple quoted sting that looks like

""" <%- @partial("todoItem") %>"""

If I manuyally do a transaltion from eco to coffee, it does the right thing.
Similarrly if I tak the intermediate coffee form it gets processed into javascript correctly.

But when docpad runs the full translation, it preoduces broken javascript which dosn’t close its strings properly. So yea does this count as an issue with the eco plugin or the coffee plugin?

Can you setup a bare minimum example repository that reproduces this issue? As otherwise it will be quite difficult to trace where exactly the problem is.

This is also the correct place to report such problems! So you’ve done well. This is the first post since our move to this forum for support, so no doubt it will be more obvious in the future!

Also, sorry for my late reply - been travelling.

I’ll try to do so. in the next few days. Not sure where to put it though.

Closing due to age.