Bible Lecture #13

Discussion thread for The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories - Lecture #13

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My notes

Book: Better Never to Have Been by David Benatar. Some book by human genome project guy about Scientific case for God.

How to write a book?

  • Do it as an investigation where you are trying to answer a question whose answer you don’t know
  • Rather than just promote your already formed conclusions
    • Ayn Rand?

Nihilist don’t just stop there

  • Hate existence, hate humanity and then start taking it out on other people

Is life for happiness?

  • Then suffering is an argument for it’s end
  • Life: A series of crucial ethical decisions
    • World as a moral landscape, and people are traversing through it (Their decisions direct the direction of the world)
  • Why do we do things that we know are wrong?

Psychotherapy can be replaced with moral striving

  • Potential future you

What it means to be a leader?

  • Know where you are going, and should be able to communicate that
    • Where you are going should have some value
    • They do what they said they would do
  • People should trust you

Paralysis that comes with doubt, and how conviction can move you forward

  • How do you know your convictions won’t bring the worst things in the world?

Impulses that are beyond our conscious abilities to resist

  • You can’t be interested in things that you are not interested in - even though you know they are necessary
  • If you don’t control your interests, who does?
    • Mercury the winged messenger from God. Your potential trying to manifest itself


  • Can cause physiological damage to the brain
    • Stress could trigger it again. WTF

Repetition (repeat of things he has said earlier)

  • Trusting people
  • Sacrificing your future for the present