Bible Lecture #12

Discussion for The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories - Lecture #12

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My notes

Having children ?

  • When you are young, children are obstacle to your lifestyle.

    • But not having children can be devastated.
  • Good mother fails

    • You have moral obligation to want for your children not what you want but what’s best for them and the world.

How to fortify your faith in life ? (Dostoevsky and Nietzsche)

  • Can you create your own values or just rediscover them ?

  • Difference b/w your description of how you will act and how you actually act.

  • Book: The Brothers Karamazov

    • Dostoevsky makes his villains as powerful as he can and let them have at it.

How you should act ?

  • I’m not sure what I’m doing and start with a plan that will cause minimal amount of harm.

  • Pursue Pleasure - enjoy life - do what is expedient. Wisdom 2.0

  • Sacrifice of the now for later.

  • What must be sacrificed ?

    • Successful sacrifice.

    • What’s the greatest possible sacrifice for the greatest possible good ?

      • When things are not going well - it’s time to examine your values and let go of what you love best ?

      • People: Karl Popper

        • Purpose of thinking: Let your thoughts die instead of you.
  • Don’t set up a goal for yourself that is too big that you are crushed by it. Have humble beginnings.

    • You are gonna get slapped - so take responsibility.

    • Listen to the people who slap you.

Paragraph from Cardinal Ratzinger.

Jefferson’s approach to teaching

  • Don’t teach anything that is not useful.

Group Id - Identity Politics

  • It can be very dangerous.

  • How to deal with it?

    • Put yourself together.

    • Stay the hell away from the ideologues.

    • Place the individual at paramount importance.

Punishment to great to bear when you betray your own ideal.

my notes

  • 13:00 - to fortify your faith in life and Being, isn’t to try to convince yourself to believe in some higher power, as you would in believing facts. It’s something to be believed through action.

  • 17:00 - in the brothers karamazov (and in life) the arguments are not the point. it’s how you conduct yourself in action within the world

  • 24:00 - God did temp tabraham, which is a funny thing for god to do (Gen, 22:1 Look up place in new testament

  • 50:00 - it’s as if there is someone watching you in the sky, and smiles upon you when you make sacrifices (reinforced behavior)

  • 53:00 - if the world you are seeing is not the world that you want, it’s time to examine your values. and give them up

  • 1:00:00 - the images of abraham and isaac are dualistic in nature of that story as well and God and Jesus

  • 1:38:00 - we are the inheiriter of 50 million years of remembering through our genes (my robot story sequel)

    overall, how much of petersons interpretation ad hoc ?

  • 1:54:00 - Nihilism may be the easiest way to avoid responsibility.

  • 1:57:00 - I need to retake the self authoring program to re attain my goals

  • 2:13:00 - humans are not made to live in paradise. They’re made to fix problems

  • 2:33:00 - What a very sweet ending.

Just came across this thread, and wondered if anyone would like to do a comparison on these two very different interpretations? :slight_smile: