Bible Lecture #10

Discussion for The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories - Lecture #10

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Very useful resource on Bible:

Even if you told the truth and followed the right path - that doesn’t mean things will work out but it’s your best bet.

What do I need to give up to reach the next stage ?

Death associated with you learning that you are wrong - so what you learn is in proportion to you willing to make a sacrifice.

  • No doing things that you know that you shouldn’t do.

    • Calculate the grave cost of doing it.
  • Doing things you want to do

    • Figure out the cost of not doing something. Cost of not doing it maybe higher than cost of actually doing it.

      • Get your fear behind you.
  • Unless you are associate with something transcendent - you don’t have the strength

Humanities and the Arts

  • Economic utility of beauty.

  • Read, think and communicate will make you unstoppable.

  • Sagrada Familia - very famous tourist attraction - took 300 years to build.

Road to enlightenment

  • You encounter all the things you are scared of first.

Competition b/w Tyranny and Equilibrated System (Jean Piaget).

Why is enlightenment so difficult ?

  • Things get much much worse before they get better once you start walking in this direction.

God living the tyrants alone until they have done enough sins ?

How to fortify yourself against the tragedy ?

  • To fail and know that it was all your fault.

Importance of living moral life.

  • Health of your soul depends more upon living moral life than material goods.

  • Prosperity of a society/economy depends upon the trust b/w the individuals.

    • Success of ebay - Trust.

    • Trust others even when you can get betrayed.

      • Because when you offer a hand - you are inviting the best part of that other person forward.
  • What can you achieve if you put yourself into something with all you got ?

Encountering problems ?

  • They ask for the best out of it - nobility of the enterprise.

  • Happiness chasing is not the right thing to do.

Your own consciousness eating up at you - at least don’t be source of your own misery.

  • Everything you do - try to get it right.

  • What happens when you make a mistake ?

How to deal with paranoid people ?

  • You never lie to them.

What is Love ?

  • To try to move things towards good.

Why did he cut off the lady’s question at 1:58:15 ?


  • Slot machine nature of addiction.

  • Replace it with something better.

  • Figure out what long term adventure addiction is inhibiting.


Jeffrey A. Gray - Neuropsychology of Anxiety

The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: Why Some Are So Rich and Some So Poor by David S. Landes

Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing