Bevry's IRC Chat Rooms

The IRC Chat rooms should be considered closed.

Refer to our Official Support Channels for where to go.


Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Bevry has several official IRC chatrooms on the freenode chat server, however they are not supported by Bevry. See our Official Bevry Support Channels for support channels we do support.

Channels we operate: #bevry, #docpad, #history.js.

Channels are operated on the Freenode IRC servers:

Use #bevry for projects that do not have their own channel.

Archive for #docpadBotBot Guide.

These channels sync with their corresponding Official Slack Channels.

Moderation tools for owners: IRC Moderation · GitHub

Our favourite IRC Client: IRCCloud

Setup this Slack IRC Bot today to sync our Official IRC Channels with their corresponding Official Slack Channels