Bevry's Gitter Chat Rooms

The Gitter channels should be considered closed.

Refer to our Official Support Channels for where to go.


Bevry has these official Gitter rooms, however they are not supported by Bevry. See our Official Bevry Support Channels for support channels we do support.

  • DocPad/DocPad - used to discuss the DocPad projects (so far a bit)
  • DocPad - used for DocPad organisational discussion (so far none yet)
  • Bevry - used for Bevry organisational discussion (so far none yet)

The Bevry room has a fair few integrations setup. I’d like to setup integrations at some point for the other rooms too. Current integrations:

  • Trello activity
  • GitHub activity
  • Heroku activity
  • Travis acivity

Gitter also has its own IRC Server, so you can use Gitter with your existing IRC clients. Instructions.

Gitter also has dedicated applications for all the most popular desktop and mobile platforms. Apps.