Bevry v6.1

So three months after Bevry v6 is now the launch of Bevry v6.1

When Bevry v6 launched, the failures of Bevry v5 were obvious - but the reasons were not. The reason is now clear: self-directed discipline is the working core of any social/collaborative/competitive discipline, and is the only component of the nebulous social construct that actually facilitates the change.

Bevry v6 archived all officially branded groups, with the exception of still maintaining an officially branded community as a jumping board to non-official collaborative organised groups, these mediums (the discourse, the discord, the youtube) are now archived, as such the “Bevry Community” is now archived.

Like what already happened with the rest, the “Bevry” youtube channel is now finally correctly named “Bevry Community” and archived (made read-only), and this forum has gained similar treatment. Once I have the resources necessary, I will edit and upload the remaining recorded episodes of the podcast, and these will be the last uploads on the channel. This transition will complete when it can.

Bevry’s core, that is a moniker for my work in the commons to improve upon the humanities is all that will remain, a return to the initial conception of Bevry now more than a decade ago. You can learn more about my projects at Bevry's Projects and this is now the sole focus regarding Bevry, and Bevry is only one my focuses.

I implore everyone to claim your own self-discipline and manifest your own contributions in whatever form fit (be it as an entrepreneur, as an employee, as a homemaker, whatever you wish) — you don’t need to wait for anyone, nor gain anyone’s approval — it’s only you who gets yourself out of bed.