Bevry v5 Incoming

Hey everyone, so Bevry v5 is incoming, and we are kicking off several new groups/clubs/chapters.

There are several prototypes for now that are kicking things off and figuring things out:

  • Bevry India
  • Bevry Women
  • Bevry Beginners (2021)
  • Bevry Software
  • Bevry Book

A group has no obligations, however if a group decides to become a Chapter/Club (with an appointed Champion/Lead) then they are more formalised and can directly onboard new members and post updates directly to the Bevry channel.

For all those interested, grab a time with me anytime after Thursday — Calendly - Benjamin Lupton — and I’ll introduce you to the Bevry v5 structure and figure out which groups/clubs/chapters we can connect you with.

At this phase, we got a good road forward, but need to solicit as much feedback as possible to make sure all concerns are understood and can be addressed smoothly.