Best Media on Nihilism

These are the best fiction I’ve found so far on nihilism.


The Steppenwolf

The Fountainhead


The Seventh Seal

The grim reaper appears for a knight who feels he hasn’t accomplished anything in his life. He along with others contemplate what to do.


Crime and Punishment turned into a movie on the backdrop of the economic and social impoverishment of the tsunami that affected Japan.

You Were Never Really Here

A retired special forces operative struggles with the meaning of his life under challenging circumstances.

The Call of the Wild

A man with nothing left to live for considers living again.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

A teenager’s psyche is ripped apart gradually making him question everything.

Working Man

A elderly man let go from his work wrestles with his the role of his new identity

Deadliest Journeys / Dicing with Death

The stories of truck drivers across the world and the economic and social realities, showcasing the importance of gradual generational improvements in trade.

The Shinkai Series

Is our neglecting of the individual for societal altruism serving us optimally?

Can love solve a problem in our conformist society?

What is the optimal balance of individualism and love and altruism?

Notable Mentions

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

A teenager with nothing much to live for carry’s on under his strenuous circumstances