Bali Motorbike Retreat 2019

I’ve spent nearly a year of my life in Bali over the years, and have amassed over 10,000 KM in motorbike distance through there. It is the closest to paradise that I have ever experienced, however it is absolutely abysmal for internet though, like most of non-city Asia.

I am wanting to go back there this year, to evaluate digital nomad #projects, specifically the #projects:digital-nomad-landing-kit. This time I aim to attach a GoPro Fusion to my motorbike, a GoPro Hero 7 Black on my helmet, with both set to timelapse mode, so that I can share the beauty and possibility of the island with other digital nomad orientated people, with the returns of increased network in the digital nomad space and encouraging usage of recommended affiliate products, as my hard learnings in that space have been costly.

Due to the intense current focus on completing the Bevry v3 launch, as well as the necessary funds to buy the equipment for such a retreat, I am tentative over specifying any date at this point, but sometime in 2019 seems desirable.

That said, I figured I would post it here, and perhaps we can coordinate so it becomes the first Bevry retreat. I can show everyone the island, and we can amass the footage of the travels and conversations into an advertising reel of what the potential of Bevry’s philosophy offers to those who practice it (praxis).

If that sounds viable to you, post a reply back. Again, this is all tentative. I do not want to get anyone’s hopes up.

Sounds promising. Tentatively raising hopes, but only tentatively!

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