April 2019 Meeting Changes

To better facilitate our European audience for the April meetings, we will be swapping our public session time for the private session time, and due to the lack of attendance of the private sessions, we will only hold public sessions once April commences. This concludes the changes as follows:

Until April 2019, these are the sessions we will conduct:

From April 2019, these will be the sessions we conduct:

As always, complete details about the meetings can be found at:

We’ve had to change the time for the new sessions from 5PM UTC to 6PM UTC due to @balupton
's countries DST kicking in.

Looks like this is noon my time. Will make the next one, I thought it was 7 PM Mountain Time for some reason and was thinking I was only 10 minutes late today. LOL.

Waking Up in Time arrived today :slight_smile: