2022-02-20: Bevry v5 Launch Event


2022-02-20T12:00:00Z time is subject to feedback


  • Event open, bevry hook, and 5 second shoutouts to guests and sponsors.
    • Welcome to Bevry’s version 5 launch, a community to see everyone enabled to do what they love, share it with the world, and live well. We do this by a culture of growing beyond ourselves. Today we’ll cover the launch of Bevry v5 and how that has been different from the prior versions, share some announcements of what’s happened in the past year, and introduce some of what is to come.
  • Sponsor Shoutouts, Affiliates
  • Overview of the event and its agenda
  • What is Bevry v5
    • How is it different to the prior incarnations of Bevry? More autonomous.
    • How to participate in the new model? What are groups?
    • How will groups and community interact with the YouTube channel? Evangelism of strong independent personalities of which Bevry is a platform, culture, and community that they can leverage to come together collaboratively, seek outside feedback, and grow beyond the bounds of their own channels.
    • What does this mean going forward? More scale, more activity, more participation, more launches.
    • Where can I learn more? Where are the resources? Is this all final? How will it change going forward?
  • What’s launched?
    • “Is the internet a mistake?” series recorded, 1984 and brave new world, and several interviews, they will be launched soon
    • Forum Launch for a new Country!
  • What’s in the works:
    • Dorothy Launch
    • “Is the internet a mistake?” series conclusion, 1984, brave new world
    • Upcoming groups groups
    • Testimonials
    • “Depth not just breadth of vocabulary” by @balupton (todo see if ConceptHut wishes to discuss this instead or together, or have his own presentation)
    • “Person-Persona Divide” by @balupton
    • “Corporate Unitarianism” by @balupton
  • Chapter Updates and their Presentations and Q&As
    • Bevry India
    • Bevry Traction
    • Bevry Women
  • Community Shoutouts
    • ConceptHut’s new channel
  • Event close, reiteration of celebrations, action call-outs, and sponsors

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