2018-12-22: What is Metaphorical Truth?







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Jordan B Peterson Community​Welcome viewers, let us know if you have any questions

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blackleaf​sup peeps. Merry Christmas and happy New year

Jordan B Peterson Community​hey hey!

blackleaf​i wish i was on my home pc so o could participate. but i am on a cell phone. so ill listen. but this is good stuff right here

blackleaf​I’ve been thinking a lot along these lines recently

blackleaf​pushing things up into the ultimate abstraction, and then trying to pull it back down again

blackleaf​been making my brain work big time

Writer John Buck​yeah, It’s some hard stuff to work through

blackleaf​so here is the idea i have been playing with

blackleaf​the idea of the platonic God

blackleaf​considered the set of all chairs, and define them all as imperfect manifeststions of the platonic chair

blackleaf​the platonic chair is perfect for all time, all purposes, all situations

blackleaf​now, consider all couches

blackleaf​create the platonic couch

blackleaf​now, you can merge the platonic couch and the platonic couch into the level above that, the platonic thing for sitting

blackleaf​and if you keep doing this, merging and merging and merging, you will eventually, at some level, merge all plantonic ideal and meta platonic ideal, etc, into rhe singular plantonic thing

blackleaf​which everything, including other platonic ideals, are impefect manifestations

blackleaf​and so we have created the platonic God, perfect for all time, all people, all situations

blackleaf​now where i am stuck at the moment is where to go from there


blackleaf​Which perhaps is Petersons idea of truth, and why we can probably at best only not lie. Petersons view of truth seems to be Plantonic truth - true for me, and my family, and my community

blackleaf​now and nexr week and next year and a century from now

blackleaf​yeah, if that is whst Truth is, we are all doomed

blackleaf​Perhaps why man needed to believe in God. Only God could hope to tell the truth

blackleaf​[message retracted]

blackleaf​Or the Seerer

blackleaf​or the oracle of delphi

blackleaf​a need to believe in something that knows the capital T Truth

blackleaf​There is a perhaps a problem with capital T truth though

blackleaf​perhaps it is dead

blackleaf​All perfectly known futures are indistinguishable from the past

blackleaf​Perhaps why rebel against Truth. because perhaps we percieve truth as dead? Or perhaps we percieve it as an ideal, as a judge, and see ourselves as impossibly unworthy?

blackleaf​All hierachies support their own ideal

blackleaf​all ideals are judges

blackleaf​perhaps the root of the desire of the far left to rebel against all hierachies, because all ideals are judges?

Writer John Buck​All hierarchies support their ideal. Exactly. If a hierarchy turns out to be a bad hierarchy, I’d only be able to discern so by using a different

Writer John Buck​hierarchy